Corporate Philosophy

Finarl was founded by Tatsuo Morishita in 1985 under the motto of creating a healthy lifestyle for everyone.

We have always faced our customers with three values in mind:

1. the procurement of high quality ingredients,
2. a thorough quality control system, and
3. a high level of technology through craftsmanship.

Through these values we have come to develop over 1,500 products for over 500 clients over the years.

We believe that heath tea is a gift from nature, and our mission is to use the power of nature to improve health and support a healthy lifestyle.

Finarl Name & Logo


The Finarl name was coined from the English word “final”, with the aim of becoming the final word in delivering a healthy lifestyle. Our logo contains a tea sprout and a round earth, which represent a young tea leaf growing over a vast green land.